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Meerkat Meetup - Griffith Park

Hi there! The Griffith Park Merry Go Round and nearby Shane's Inspiration Playground is a great area for kids to get out and get some sunshine, fresh air and exercise in LA.


We're looking to get parents from all parts of LA as well as nearby areas to come out and meetup, let the kids run around, chat it up with other parents and just have a nice Saturday out. This will be sort of 'kid-led' ie we're focused on letting the kids have fun, so feel free to bring whatever items you need to ensure the kids are happy and engaged.

Our group organizer Tom will be walking around greeting everyone - you can find him in the blue Meerkat shirt!

Date: Saturday, February 5th

Time: 11am - 3 pm

Place: Griffith Park

Fill out the information below to RSVP

Looking forward to meeting you!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Looking forward to meeting you!

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