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Parenting is tough
Don't do it alone

Meerkat is the app designed to connect you with other parents who are looking for the same thing as you: a strong support community to raise your family in.

Currently available on iOS. Stay tuned for Android release!


Helping you build a strong support circle

Raising kids is hard, but having others around you that understand and are going through the same thing helps. ​

Meerkat helps you find that tribe

Get out of the house

It's tough to arrange playdates, but we make it easier with our meetup functionality. Keep it spontaneous and casual or plan in advance, either way we'll help you set it up and get others involved.

meerkat profile parent meet.png
meerkat profile 2 baby playdate.png
meerkat profile 3 parent interests.png

Exclusively for parents

We love our non-parent friends but it's important to have a group of friends that understand that meeting up during naptime is a non-starter, or that going home early on a week night because you have to get up and make school lunches is just the way it goes.

parent friends meetup chat_edited.jpg


parent meetup on beach with kids.jpg

This is what it's all about - make your connections digitally first and then move it to in-person and build your family's community. 

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